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At the end of your rope? Tie a knot and hang on!  Our hang-in-there monkey celebrates the spirit of Josephine “Dear One” Smiley Roberts, who refused to quit in the face of health challenges.  Comes adorned with a breast cancer awareness lapel pin.

Name your price; minimum $10.  Shipping $5.  A breast cancer targeted funds initiative product benefiting Rosalyn Loftis.


A legacy of L.SMURPerseveranceHE.F

In the early 1990’s Josephine “Dear One” Smiley Roberts was facing a prognosis of death after the emergency amputation of her leg.  She was confined to a hospital bed with her limb raised in a trapeze.  Our family added a hanging monkey to her bedpost as an ever-present reminder of one of her favorite sayings: When you come to the end of your rope, tie and knot and hang on.

With lots of prayer, faith, hope, and hard work, Dear One left that hospital bed, regained mobility, and lived to cherish the love and joy of family for many years.

Now, the hanging monkey serves as a family symbol of persistence in the face of difficulties.  Challenges abound, but we persevere!

Available in pink, red, and white.  13 inches.  Lightweight.  Comes adorned with a metal breast cancer awareness lapel pin.

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Pink, Red, White